Thinking about upgrading your wardrobe?

Ultra Quirky gear is for individualists. Sitting on the edges of the Bell Curve? That’s okay…normal is overrated. Celebrate your quirky.

Inner Thoughts

ultra quirky ©Adobe Stock/tatiana-shepeleva

I have eyes, eyebrows, knuckles and fingertips. Now all I need is something from UQ. T shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats…I must create an algorithm to determine what to order today.


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You there, co-worker, I am programmed to identify and evaluate beauty. I have concluded that your Ultra Quirky t shirt is beautiful.
Def of beauty: “possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind; excellent of its kind; wonderful; very pleasing or satisfying.”

Gather Data

ultra quirky ©Adobe Stock/jim

I have very positive thoughts regarding the attractiveness of your t shirt. You demonstrate outstanding graphic and linguistic discernment ability. How can I get one?
RED CYBORG: Click here, silly.

Engage AI

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Still processing big data…soooo many to choose from.


ultra quirky ©Adobe Stock/jim

An Ultra Quirky scarf will keep my cerebral circuitry at optimal operating temperature. I intuit that I will look a statistically significant 17% more handsome with the scarf. And, I require a spiffy Ultra Quirky t shirt so I will stand out from the crowd.

Emulation of Joy

ultra quirky ©Adobe Stock/jim

They’re here, they’re here! My t shirt and scarf have arrived. All I have to do is move one lower mobility unit in front of the other and I will achieve the objective of reaching the door.


ultra quirky ©Adobe Stock/tatiana-shepeleva

I’m dressed for success—a thought leader ready for a hearty session of creative disruption and machine learning.
I sense it’s going to be a good day.

So, that’s my story…

I’m Sue Schoenfeld, owner and Modernity Master of Ultra Quirky…just a Baby Boomer having fun designing shirts and gear for “techies.” I spent most of my life trying to color within the lines. It sure feels good to let go and give in to the weird and quirky workings of my brain. I hope you enjoy my original designs and “outta the donut box thinking.”

Yup, I do corporate, too. Contact me if you need 10,000 t shirts for your company picnic.